MQTT.Cool JMX MBeans 2.1.0 Interface Description

Javadoc-like description of the MBeans available through MQTT.Cool JMX interface.

Each of the documented interface classes represents a type of MBeans; one or more instances of each MBean type may be hosted by the JMX server.
See in the introduction for each interface class the name or the name pattern by which the MBean instances of that type are registered in the JMX server.

Note that each documented "getXxxxx" method represents a property named "Xxxxx" in an MBean instance of the related type; the property is read-only, unless a corresponding "setXxxxx" method is also documented. Other documented methods represent methods that can be invoked on an MBean instance of the related type.

MQTT.Cool embeds Lightstreamer Server and provides its core logic through a custom Java In-Process Lightstreamer Adapter Set, the MQTT Connector, which comes pre-deployed into the distribution package.

As required by the Lightstreamer's extension mechanisms to build a custom server-side component, the MQTT Connector comprises:

  • a Metadata Adapter
  • a Data Adapter
which are exposed as MBeans by the com.lightstreamer.jmx package, in addition to other Lightstreamer-related MBeans.
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